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Who We Are

Helping those in need has long been a passion of mine. I started this venture by filling leftover grocery bags with non-perishable snack items, water, sanitary wipes, toothbrush + toothpaste combos, and most importantly…a small copy of the Gospel (the Book of John).


I would keep 5-10 bags stocked in my car and pass them out whenever I came across someone living on the streets of Los Angeles.


Over the last couple of years, something (which I know to be God) kept tugging on my heart and filling my mind with ideas of how to expand this venture. Treats-N-Truth was born.


Today, we aim to give out 50-150 bags a week. With your help, we would love to expand that even more.


Our mission statement is something that’s close to my heart and encompasses what we’re all about: “Helping those in need through the love & grace of God.”

- Craig McHenry, President 

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